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Noxa AME (Adaptive Mixture of Experts) is an Expert Advisor that runs as an add-on to Ward System Group's NeuroShell Trader®.


oAdaptive: Markets are not static. They are dynamic and susceptible to quick changes, even more so with the influx of High Frequency Trading. Adaptive strategies should be able to adjust to not just changing market conditions, but changes in the fundamental way the market works.

oMixture: Mixtures combine the beliefs of several expert algorithms into a single prediction. They are capable of greater predictive performance than any of their individual experts.

oExperts: It is possible for price patterns to develop with different outcomes; they often run contrary to each other. Most often we are pretty useless at making sense of it all. One possible explanation is that we naturally zoom out on the patterns; we don’t have a good idea about the details. Expert algorithms however can deconstruct a pattern into low level features and look at how they progress through time in various contextual scenarios.





Welcome to AME


Getting started

You can find a gentle description of the product in the Science behind AME section.

Run through the Quick-Start Tutorials to familiarize yourself with the basics of the Expert Advisor.

You can jump directly to the Setting the Parameters section.

There is nothing better than Chart Examples.



Important Notes

You must have NeuroShell Trader® v6.2 and above to use this product.

You must have internet access during installation.

The Expert Advisor does not "peek" into the future, making it suitable for trading.

This manual is provided to instruct you on using NeuroShell Trader® and the accompanying add-on. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell exchange-traded instruments, but rather a guideline to using the Expert Advisor within the software. The techniques presented here should only be used by investors who are aware of the risk inherent in trading.




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