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You must activate Noxa-AME on your computer before using it. Activation is also required before you swap, change,  reformat, or reconfigure your hard drive.

Here is how you do it in three easy steps...


Click to expand/collapseWrite down your Purchase Order Number


You can locate this number in the confirmation e-mail that has been sent to you after you purchased the  product. It is an 8-digit number next to the "Order Number" entry as shown below:

Internet Purchase Receipt


If you are unable to identify this number, please contact Noxa support at

Click to expand/collapseRun Noxa-AME Activate.exe


Click the Start Menu icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Then click on the All Programs menu.

In the menu listing that appears, look for the folder named Noxa\Noxa AME. Then click the Noxa-AME Activate.exe program.

When the activation process begins, Noxa-AME Activate.exe tries to detect an Internet connection. If one is found, your request will be automatically sent to a license server. You will be asked to enter the following information:

Your order number,

Your email address:

Click on the picture to expand/collapse


When finished, you should read the following lines:


" Thank you for registering Noxa-AME.

 A License Key will be sent to your email address shortly.


 Press Enter to Quit  "

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Click to expand/collapseCopy the License Key to your System


Check your email; you should have received a confirmation email with the license key attached,

Detach the NoxaAMELicenseKey.dat file,

Save the file to the C:\NeuroShell Trader 6\Noxa folder.

Congratulations! Your Noxa-AME package is now permanently activated on your computer.

Click to expand/collapseAny Problem with the Activation?


You get the following error message: "Application failed in sending request (error# 104)!" This issue occurs because Noxa-AME Activate.exe did not find a working internet connection.


Verify that your Internet connection is functional and try again,

Ultimately you could send us your request by email at with your Activation Request Key attached (NoxaAMEActivationRequest_000xxx.dat). You can find this file in the C:\NeuroShell Trader 6\Noxa\Noxa AME directory.

Any other problem with the activation process? Contact our Support Team at and we’ll be glad to help you out.





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